K cup Copacking Pricing

We, at K-cupss offer reasonably priced Single Serve Cups (K-Cups ®) production no matter what the size of your business is. Our co-packing service prices are the lowest in the market! Our minimum order quantity starts at only 300 units. Your final price per cup will depend on quantity ordered but we guarantee you won’t find any better value than ours. Take a look at our pricing chart below:

Amount of Single Serve Cups Ordered Co-packing Cost Per Cup (US Dollar)
From 300 to 5,000 14 cents
From 5,001 to 10,000 13 cents
From 20,001 and UP 12 cents

On the prices above, we are including:

– The polypropylene plastic cup (with EVOH film). Made in the US and certified to be in accordance with FDA regulations.

– The filter paper (High quality food grade paper made of natural biodegradable cellulose fibers that features consistent brewing properties and excellent wet strength). Made in the US and certified to be in accordance with FDA regulations.

– The packaging service.

The prices above don’t include packaging materials and shipping fees.

Besides the coffee or tea, simply supply us with your custom printed lids (Private labeled with your company logo design and colors).

We can also supply custom printed Keurig 2.0 lids with your company logo at $0.022 each (5,000 per SKU minimum order).

Roasted coffee can be either supplied by you or we can supply it at $4/pound. The price per pound of our coffee is the same no matter the roast level or the flavor you’d like.

If you’d like a ready to go k-cup® product instead, you have the option to purchase our premium kuphills brand at wholesale prices. Here is our coffee brand pricing information